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~* Pricing Guide *~

I limit my custom orders to my repeat customers. Time is getting scarse these days and so my loyalty goes to those ladies first. I do find myself 'between seasons' at times and then I will accept custom orders from new customers.
I am not accepting customs at this time.  


To save a bit of time for both of us, I thought to add this page to give you an idea of what I charge so you will know if I am in your budget.
Please read it carefully..I think it will answer most of your questions.
These are generalities and are subject to change if the need arises...but I will always give you a quote based on your preferences.  

Newborn size ~ 19''-22''           *
Sleeping with painted hair $600-700
Sleeping with rooted hair  $700-800
Awake with painted hair    $ 700-800
Awake with rooted hair     $800-900


Preemie size ~ 16''-18''
Sleeping with painted hair $550-600
Sleeping with rooted hair  $500-600
Awake with painted hair    $500-600
Awake with rooted hair     $700-8 00
Adjustments will be made to the price if you are supplying the kit
Belly plates $50- $75   
Full Torso - $75- $100
**Some Ltd. Ed babies maybe more  due to after market price on kits**

Precious Littles (mid-range reborns)
$225- $350 -ish

                                                                      With painted hair $200-$275 
                               I do not recommend rooted hair for playborns..but if you really want it...$200 extra.
                                                                          Wigs (for older child) ...$50

Awake baby from kit or change of eye color when a doll is used $10
I also do not recommend lashes..but will add them for $10 if you want them.

No extra charge for magnets for hair deco or pacis.
I use really good acrylic eyes...upgrades to glass will be the price differnce in the eyes you choose and acrylic price.

I ship worldwide..customs charges are your responsibility.
I charge only exact shipping charges.

$200* deposit required on Newborn and Preemie reborns...
$75-100 on playborns.
* More may be required on higher end reborns...
Deposits cover the cost of the kit or doll to be used and are
not refundable if you change your mind.  
Balance to be paid when baby is complete and you have approved via emailed pictures.
I will ship as soon as baby is paid in full.

You choose your kit,gender,eye and hair color and hair type (painted or rooted).
I use Genesis heat-set paints and custom made doe suede bodies.
Completion time varies from 2-3 weeks..I can give you a better timeline when you order.

Good communication is a must. Please follow through with payments in a timely manner...and answer emails ASAP as well...
this could determine the amount of time it takes to get your baby.

I have great feedback on ebay under pinkbbs4me and also on Doll Fan (JaNan) if you are a member.
Customer satisfaction is important to me as is filling orders and shipping in a reasonable timeframe.

I am always available to answer can contact me through my email below...
If you would like to be added to my email list so you know when I have babies available or I open my custom order season..please send me your email address.
I do not share your info with anyone else (I am stingy!lol)


Click Here to E-Mail me Directly Click Here to E-Mail me Directly Click Here to E-Mail me Directly Click Here to E-Mail me Directly Click Here to E-Mail me Directly
(in case the link doesn't work for you)

Thanks for your interest! Be Blessed....

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