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~* Play Babies *~
Babies for Little Mommies & Daddies

                                                    EliJah Nelson Duncan

                                                     7/21/2009 - 4/8/2012

                                                      Nana's Forever Baby




All Playborns on this page have been adopted!
Available playborns are in the Adoption nursery....
message for availability....
I also have a Facebook page... My Forever Babies Reborn Nursery...
This is my 8th year to offer playbabies..I want to thank all my repeat customers...YOU make this so special for me!
I have revamped my site in hopes of making ordering easier. It has come to my attention that customers do not always easily recognize that a baby in a group picture is the same baby in a picture with the sculpt I will name them all in hopes of ending some confusion for you.
The babies pictured below are all past sales...and used for example of what the different babies can look like. Your baby will be custom made and no two are identical. Most dolls are 14''-15'' and have full limbs unless otherwise stated.


What's the difference?
While some of my customers had never even heard of a reborn... many had and wondered what the difference is in a reborn doll and a playbaby. Not alot...but there are some things taken into consideration where playbabies are concerned. I do alot of the same painting techs as I do with a full blown reborn...but..let's face it...children really do not care about mottled complexions and they may even be upset by 'boo boos' I opt for a realistic skin tone...subtle veining..detailed nails and lips,and 'moist' look in the eyes, nose and mouth . By leaving out some of the more detailed painting..I can spend just a bit less time and give you a better price. Painted hair (which I strongly feel is so much more practical)...I do detailed painted hair...again...not quite as detailed as a reborn...but not just a brown patch that you get with toy store dolls. These babies actually have hairs are a few examples...




Playbabies usually have a suede cloth body, heavier cableties, and are not weighted as heavily as full size reborns. I try to use smaller dolls/sculpt for playbabies so the little mommy does not struggle to handle a doll that is too large and too heavy for her.
I do root lashes on sleeping babies and glue them inside the head...but awake babies usually do not have lashes as they are topically glued and just not very durable.

Having said that..if you want lashes..or rooted hair for that matter...all you have to do is request it...there will be additional charges.
Below are examples of some of the babies I completed this Christmas... some of these dolls do not have a name from the I am using the names my grandaughter gave her babies because I know immediately which ones you are referring to :o)




Intrested (above and below)

Jesus (Faith's name) above and below

Jimmy (Faith's name) above and below

Teagan (above and below)
when available



Asian Princess (above)

Playbabies are not recommended for children under about 4 years of age..but you know your child and the decision is always yours.
I do not include magnetic pacis for dolls for children under the age of about 8. These neodymium magnets are really strong and while I epoxy them very securely...the manufacturer says they are FATAL to children and pets if swallowed. Again...I will supply them on demand but the full responsibility is yours..and I will state that in the care sheet provided. mouth babies can use a modified magnets involved. So..if you choose a doll that has a mouth that is open enough..I will be happy to supply a modified paci!

Twins are always an option too!
Above Jimmy & Jesus
Below Jimmy and Interested

I try to keep my play babies as reasonable as I can...they generally fall into a $200- $225 range**. It could be slightly more if you choose different eye color or rooted hair. Email me for details please!
I need about a week in most cases to complete one...if I am in a lull and have everything in stock..I might can get one done a bit faster but please try to allow a week. Shipping takes about 3 days via priority mail and shipping and insurance is not covered in the price.
I require a deposit of $50 with the balance + shipping due when baby is completed..I will email pictures to you for approval at that time.
Again...feel free to email me with questions and lets make that dream play baby for your little one!

** prices subject to change with inflated materials costs but I will try to keep it down! 
Also....maintenance is not included in this price. If something is off when you receive the baby I will do my best to make it right....but you can expect a bit of wear as you would with any doll....these babies are not bullet proof. óż

I will also offer some limited availability babies here on my website and /or through my email list. These are babies that I put together from stock I have..I may use the head of one doll and limbs of another and it may not be able to be reproduced if I don't have access to additional stock. so..if you see one offered here as an OOAK and you like better nab it! :oD

Nod CM (Pictured above and below)
She is an OOAK because she is a combination of the head of a Nod doll and limbs from the chubby Carry Me. I just felt the Carry Me limbs were a better proportion than the original about availability as it will depend on stock on hand! (don't you love those cheeks?)

~ At a Glance ~
All babies Custom order unless in the Adoption Nursery
~ Choices ~
You choose:
Face (by name please)
Hair type** & color
Eye color if other than blue is desired**
Please let me know age of child if magnetic paci is desired

~ Accessories ~
Two outfits included (varies to stock)
Paci (non magnetic recommended)
extra items as available
Birth Certificate
Care Sheet
~*Basic Price *~

~ Extra Charges ~
**Rooted hair  $175
**Eye color change $10
Lashes for open eye baby (not recommended) $10
OOAK from kit of your for quote
Shipping..I charge exact your option

~$ Payment $~
Deposit of $50 min is required when order is placed.
I prefer Paypal but Postal Money order or check is accepted.
Baby cannot be shipped till payment is recieved and personal check clears..please consider this when ordering...
You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay by cards are accepted through Paypal only.

Precious Littles
this  line of babies are 18-19" long and weigh about 3 1/2 lbs
they range in price from $250 - $300 + ship (depending on my costs).
If you check ebay you will see this is still quite a low range for a well made reborn.
Most of these babies have full limbs..and a doe suede non jointed body.
(* I will make note if they have 3/4 limbs)

** Natalie **

he/she is 18"..full limbs... $250 + ship

~ Olive ~

Olive is also 18" long...full limbs $250  ship

>> Frankie <<

Frankie is another 18" full limb..such a serious little face....looking so hard to understand what is around him/her!  $250 + ship

the following two babies are not my work but I am using stock photos of the sculpts from my supplier until I can get a sample painted up...

~*Naomi *~

both are 18"..full limb
Naomi is $275+ ship because she is limited edition

oOo Nevaeh oOo

Neavah is a bit higher priced kit so she is also $275 + ship

""""\/""""" Precious """""\/""""

I have two of these left...18" full limb... $200 + ship

I told a customer to use the analogy of a deluxe train set to help hubby understand the worth of these special babies! (wink)
Stock for these kits are sometimes limited from my supplier so get your order in early!!
Watch for babies available for immediate purchase in my Adoption Nursery (tab at top of website page)  

contact info at top of website


Be sure to visit my Little Mommies & Daddies Page
I am in the process of updating it. If you sent pictures of your child and their MFB and you don't see it there... FORGIVE ME PLEASE!
(then send it again please!) I did lose some files and I do not want to leave anyone out!

Thank you so much for your continued support of me and my babies.

The Lord has been good to me and my family...He has sustained us through a very rough year!

Praise the LORD for He is good..his love endures forever! 
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