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All babies on this page are sold....
they are here just as an example of my work.
I reserve custom I have my established customers.
I occasionally open up customs to new customers however....if you would like to be added to my email list for new babies...please contact me through the contact page in the menu at the top of this page and send your email address.
I will protect your privacy and not share your email address.

~ Kylie Strydom ~

* Anastasia *

♥ Harper ♥

~* Dimitri *~

~ Bella ~

** Cianne **

~~ Esme ~~

♥ Everleigh ♥

+ Miracle +

>* Saoirse *<

>> Ofelia & Zee <<

(from my Little Stories series)

♥ Bean,Rosie & Sprout ♥

0o Buggy o0

♥ Crystal ♥
I had the pleasure of finally meeting my friend Donna RuBert at ROSE....

<> Sawyer <>

I so appreciate your visit...the only babies not sold on this site are in the Adoption Nursery or on ebay....
feel free to contact me through my contact page....and please sign my guestbook...

Praise the Lord for He is GOOD...His love endures forever! ♥

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